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Final Jeopardy: Physics and the Reality Problem Volume II explores the mysteries of modern quantum physics and a variety of related topics.

Choices and Description

Final Jeopardy: Physics and the Reality Problem explores a variety of issues involving some of the puzzles and prospects associated with important topics in physics such as: Constants, antimatter asymmetries, neutrinos, entanglement, Bohr-Einstein debates, quantum mechanics, the Higgs mechanism, Heisenberg uncertainty, superposition principle, the many-worlds perspective, vacuum energy, dimensionality, special relativity, particle physics, scientific methodology, grand unification models, and Supersymmetry. While the foregoing discussions are neither exhaustive nor definitive, nonetheless, the purpose of the critical reflections being alluded to above are directed toward addressing one basic question: To what extent do the foregoing ideas -- considered either singly or collectively -- help to resolve the reality problem with which all human beings are faced?

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