With English Translation and Accompanying Recitation

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Qur'an - Translation
Introduction Fatiha Cow
Imran Women Dinner Table
Cattle Elevated Places Accessions
Repentance Jonah Holy Prophet
Yusuf Thunder Ibrahim
The Rock The Bee Children of Israel
The Cave Marium Ta Ha
Prophets Pilgrimage Believers
Light Criterion Poets
Ant Narratives Spider
Romans Luqman Adoration
Allies Saba Originator
Ya Sin Rangers Suad
Companions Believer Ha Mim
Counsel Ornaments Smoke
Kneeling Sandhills Muhammad
Victory Chambers Qaf
Scatterers Mountain Star
Moon Beneficent Great Event
Iron She Who Pleaded Banishment
Examined One Ranks Congregation
Hypocrites Mutual Deceit Divorce
Prohibition Kingdom Pen
The Inevitable Ways of Ascent Nuh
Jinn The Wrapped Up Covered One
Resurrection Man Emissaries
The Great Event Those Who Pull Out He Frowned
The Folded Up Cleaving Defrauders
Rending Asunder Celestial Stations Nightly Visitant
Most High The Overwhelming Daybreak
City Sun Night
Brightness Expansion The Fig
Clot Majesty Clear Evidence
The Quaking Assaulters Calamity
Vying In Abundance Time Slanderer
Elephant Quraish Alms
Fountain Unbelievers The Help
Flame Unity Dawn

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