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Making An Offer You Can't Refuse

If truth be told, the foregoing 'headline' is a bit of hype. After all, one can always choose to refuse an offer, but I am hoping that after reading what I have to say, you won't want to refuse my offer. Indeed, for less than what it costs to go out for dinner and, then, go to a theater in order to watch a movie, I believe I can offer you something of far greater and more lasting value.

I'll cut to the chase. The essential character of what is being proposed through this web page can be stated in the form of a question: How would you like to own $750.00 worth of educational software for just $19.95?

The $750 price tag cited in the previous paragraph refers to what a person would have to spend if she or he were to purchase all the items contained in the software package on an individual basis in a real world format. Alternatively, if one were to individually buy those same real world items in a virtual format, the price would be approximately $350.00.

Consequently, what is being offered here is an opportunity to save anywhere from: $700 to $330 dollars. Of course, if you should decide not to accept my offer, then, you would be saving $19.95 (i.e., the purchase price of the Bridge software package) -- although the latter savings would be accompanied by a loss of access to what I consider to be a truly interesting, stimulating, informative, and rewarding software package.

So, you have a choice about how you wish to save money. (1) You can save $19.95 and have nothing to show for your efforts except that with which you began. Or, (2) you can save between $330 and $700 dollars by investing in the Bridge software package ... a collection of material that explores a wide array of topics, issues, questions, and problems from a Sufi perspective ... but a perspective which gives expression to a manner of engaging the Sufi path that is quite different from that which is taught by all too many so-called political and spiritual 'leaders' of the Muslim community.

The Nature of the Offer

What does spending $19.95 get you? The short answer is: More than 12,000 pages of exploration into the principles, values, practices, and ideas that are entailed by a Sufi perspective. In effect, the Bridge software package takes the essential teachings of the Sufi path and applies them to a wide variety of topical issues, ranging from: Shari'ah, to: Education, morality, economics, political science, 9/11, terrorism, fundamentalism, spiritual abuse, corporations, history, atheism, feminism, indigenous peoples, the first Gulf War, mysticism, theology, psychology, philosophy, democracy, ecology, evolution, mythology, sovereignty, scientific method, international affairs, leadership, tasawwuf (the esoteric or mystical dimension of Islam), constitutional law, physics, cosmology, evolution, and much more.

The foregoing 12,000 pages come in the form of 34 books, 39 poems, and five videos that have been collected into one executable file, or software program, that allows one to easily navigate from book to book, chapter to chapter, poem to poem, and video to video. The poems are accompanied by music (i.e, they are in an audio format) and are entirely rooted in a Sufi perspective, while the former 34 books consist of chapters which, with just a couple of exceptions, permit a person to read the essays, commentaries, critiques, and short stories contained in those chapters in any order one likes. Not only are these chapters relatively short, for the most part, but all of the 12,000-plus pages are fully searchable so that one can look for specific words, terms, and phrases according to one's interests.

Moreover, the 12,000 pages are arranged in a style and a form which, for the most part (and there are several exceptions to this) does not require one to read any given book through from beginning to end, but, rather, one can skip around (both within a book, as well as from book to book) without any loss of continuity. The essays, commentaries, stories, and chapters are written in lengths that are relatively short and conducive to conceptual digestion. In addition, some of the chapters/essays are repeated in a number of books. Originally, those sections were included in certain books that were intended to be read as individual works, but the fact that a few of the essay/chapters appear in several books is merely an indication of the importance of the contents encompassed by those essays/chapters.

Finally, all of the pages in the: Bridge software package are adjustable with respect to size of the screen, as well in relation to the size of the print on the page. Furthermore, the library is fully searchable, with a capacity to highlight whatever words, terms, or phrases one might be seeking.

Why is this software package entitled Bridge?

Perhaps the best way to provide an explanation concerning the significance of the software package title is to relate a short story involving my spiritual guide. More than 30 years ago, my teacher was reading an English translation of a book on the Sufi mystical tradition that had been written by a Sufi master more than 800 years ago.

Originally, the book had been written in Persian. However, my teacher -- who also was reading a Persian edition of the original book that had been translated into English -- was marveling at how the translator had taken the original Persian words and transformed them into English without altering the basic meaning of the original text and, moreover, the translator had done this through a literary style that was quite different from the literary style of writing that had characterized the original work.

Although I certainly do not have my spiritual guide's understanding of Islam and the Sufi path -- indeed, far from it -- nonetheless, in the Bridge software package, I have endeavored to offer a translated transformation of what my spiritual guide taught concerning the nature of the Sufi mystical tradition, just as the modern scholar being alluded to above provided a transformed rendition of the original Persian work by a twelfth-century Sufi sage but did so in the scholar's own literary style without altering the basic message of the original work. I believe the Sufi path offers a bridge that is capable of bringing together western and eastern perspectives concerning existence, and, according to my limits -- both conceptual and spiritual -- I have sought to translate my guide's way of talking about the Sufi path and Islam and used that approach to shape what I have written in relation to a variety of topics ... and have done so in my own literary style without, hopefully, introducing too much distortion into the translation process. In this fashion, the material contained in this software package serves as something of a bridge between the perspective of my spiritual guide and the many issues facing the western world today. Naturally, whatever errors in understanding are given expression within the Bridge are entirely mine.

The Quality of My Work

With one exception, I began to publish my work starting in 2005. In the past twelve years, or so, thousands of my books have been purchased in different parts of the world (approximately 16-17 countries), and, as well, there are a number of libraries that have acquired copies of my work (e.g., Harvard, University of New Mexico, McGill, the University of Maine, as well as several universities in New Zealand and South Africa, along with a few public libraries in Canada, America, and England).

Below are some of the words that people have used to describe my written work:

  • "... should be read (The Unfinished Revolution: The Struggle For America's Soul) by everyone who wonders how we lost the rule of law and fell under the rule of psychopathic everyone in the patriot movement and the truth movement and the sovereignty fact, pretty much by everyone." KB, USA

  • "... this book (Shari'ah: A Muslim's Declaration of Independence) is heads and shoulders above anything else out there on the topic (i.e.,shari'ah)." DS, Canada

  • "This book (The Sufi Lighthouse: Illuminating Spiritual Abuse applies to all spiritual and religious seekers. We live in a time of sophisticated manipulation. Great dangers lurk in spiritual groups. Just because you feel uplifted in meetings, does not mean an absence of evil undercurrents. More than any book written to date, this book will open your eyes and increase the chances of a successful spiritual search." THR, USA

  • "As my second son was being brought into this world, the images of the twin towers being pulverized were being splashed on every tv screen around the world. Something didn't look right! Twelve years later, and after spending thousands of hours watching and reading everything I could get my hands on about the event, I have finally read a book (Framing 9/11), which brings to the surface the gravity of the cost to the human race! The events of 9/11. Well done Bill Whitehouse! Your work is excellent, it compliments Dr. Judy Wood's study Where Did the Towers go?MNR, France.

  • "This is the most perceptive, and enlightened book I have read on the topic of Shari'ah (Shari'ah: A Muslim's Declaration of Independence). I found it inspiring in its clarity and remarkable in the breadth and depth of the topics and references covered." MM, Canada

  • "Unlike the vast majority of books that pass through my hands, I'll be assigning it (The Unfinished Revolution: The Struggle For America's Soul) to my sons as part of their home schooling. Anab Whitehouse, in my opinion, is one of America's most interesting Muslim political thinkers." Dr. KB, USA.

  • "I was so impressed with this book (Streams to the Ocean) that I wanted to travel to Toronto, Canada to meet the author." Dr. FK, USA

  • This book (Sufi Reflections) is very informative, ispiring and helpful for those who's seeking direction on the spiritual path.

  • "I just finished reading your book (Final Jeopardy: The Reality Problem). Very comprehensive and well argued." FDP, Italy

  • "I would like to congratulate this author - Bill Whitehouse - on a highly intelligent, thoroughly researched, thought-provoking work of analysis (Framing 9/11). I am myself an Oxford Doctor of Philosophy and can recognize sound analytical reasoning when I encounter it. I encounter it here ..." TR, England

  • "This collection of stories (Sufi Teaching Stories) is ideal for casual reading. The stories are evocative and reflect different levels of understanding. They would be great to use as a basis for a discussion of Spirituality and Mysticism." JM, Canada

  • "Though I am neither Muslim nor an atheist, I found the book `Sam Harris and the End of Faith' an interesting and thought-provoking examination of some of the central ideas that revolve about the issues of faith, reason, and belief. While Whitehouse's book does tend to focus on critiquing what Harris has to say about Islam and Muslims, nonetheless, Whitehouse takes time to stress how there is a difference between, on the one hand, what he calls "toxic faith systems" that, unfortunately, are present in some individual interpretations of religious theology and which frequently play destructive roles within society, and, on the other hand, those faith systems which seek to be constructive and are positive forces within the community. Clearly, Whitehouse is of the belief that constructive forms of faith, irrespective of the specific nature of the religious traditions through which they arise, are very important to humanity." TW, USA

  • With respect to Sam Harris and the End of Faith: A Muslim's Critical Response CE has the following to say: "Quite a good book! I did feel he dissected the part about Pew polls quite convincingly."

  • A tremendous video (Lessons From Babel: An Appeal to Muslims, Christians, and Jews). TG, USA.

  • An extremely interesting approach (Evolution and the Origins of Life) to clarifying the controversy surrounding evolution theory especially as applied to the origin of life. Well-written." JW, USA

  • This book (The Essence of September 11th - 2nd Edition) is all about the essential missing ingredient our Federal government prevented from occurring in its haste to destroy evidence and forestall inquiry, the reason for a grand jury, normal legal procedure, to investigate the crimes of Sept. 11, 2001, as crimes, by a panel of impartial citizens given free rein to all the evidence and armed with subpoena power to compel testimony. If you never had a skeptical thought about September 11, or even if you have, American citizens ought to read this book and see what the country has missed for the lack of following normal investigative procedure as should have been done in the wake of any serious crime. RB, USA

  • Once again (The Sufi Lighthouse: Illuminating Spiritual Abuse), Dr. Whitehouse reveals his clear thinking, deep compassion, and his amazing spiritual acumen. Dr. Whitehouse uses a multilayered view of a complex issue, that is, the use of a follower's vulnerabilities by a purported spiritual teacher to take him/her as spiritual hostage for the power and ego of the perpetrater. While spoken from the Sufi perspective this groundbreaking study crosses all religious parameters and identifies succintly as well as in depth what constitutes spiritual abuse as well as hope and healing for the abused. GF, USA

  • Why I Am Releasing the Bridge software package

    Although I could write in depth about the different reasons for releasing the Bridge software package, the comments below help summarize some of my motives for releasing this software package ... in no particular order of importance.

  • ... Wanted to offer a cheaper way of distributing educational material than is usually available through many on-line venues. Early on, the Internet was projected to play a significant role in helping to reduce costs by helping to lower the expenses associated with the production and distribution of goods, and, yet, in many cases, the price of items seems to have become inflated.

  • ... Wanted to provide educational material to the Muslim community that could be used as resource material by those who are interested in home schooling their children.

  • ... Wanted to invite the Muslim community to a much-needed critical discussion concerning the Islamic spiritual tradition.

  • ... Wanted to offer a counter-perspective to that which is offered through fundamentalist interpretations of Islam.

  • ... Wanted to challenge people -- both Muslim and non-Muslim -- to critically reflect on the nature of life and spirituality.

  • ... Wanted to give people some perspective concerning the issue of spiritual abuse which exists in the Muslim community (and every other spiritual community as well) -- both with respect to exoteric (theological) and esoteric (mystical) approaches to the Islamic spiritual tradition.

  • ... Wanted to provide a framework through which to critically think about democracy, governance, sovereignty, freedom, and other related issues that is different from what is usually taught (both East and West) about those issues.

  • ... Wanted to introduce people to what I believe are the essential teachings, principles, and values of the esoteric or mystical dimension of Islam.

  • ... Wanted to extend very good value to prospective customers in exchange for their hard-earned money.

  • ... Wanted to share with others some of the lessons which have been learned during my 40-plus years of engaging, exploring, thinking about, and striving for understanding concerning the Islamic spiritual tradition.

  • ... Wanted to respond to some of those who have criticized Islam and distorted things in the process.

  • ... Wanted to bring to the attention of the Muslim community some of the problems with the 'official' story concerning what happened, supposedly, in conjunction with 9/11. The 'official story' is just that ... a fictionalized story that does not reflect the facts concerning the events of September 11th, 2001.

  • ... Wanted to develop a set of resources which might assist Muslims to conceptually and emotionally defend themselves against the attacks of so-called 'progressive', modern thinkers.

  • ... Wanted to find a way to help pay my bills.

  • Finally, I am not getting any younger, and, so, I wanted to compile all of my writings (fictional, non-fictional, and poetical) into one collection that would continue to be available in a convenient, effective, searchable, and easy to navigate format for anyone who might be interested ... even after I move on to the next stage of existence.

  • The Bottom Line

    I am not a spiritual guide. I do not claim to have all the answers or any of them. I am not offering spiritual counsel concerning the problems of life. I am not seeking followers. I am not a politician who wants your vote, nor am I seeking to become a leader in the Sufi or Muslim community. What I have to offer is whatever God has equipped me with in relation to capacity, experience, and realization or understanding.

    I am not asking you to accept what is contained in the Bridge software package as presuming to give expression to the truth. The Bridge is not necessarily a 'book of answers', but, instead, seeks to serve as a library of mental, emotional, and moral exercises which call upon the principles, values, teachings, and ideas of the Sufi path to address a wide array of topics, issues, and problems.

    The Bridge software package seeks to challenge readers/listeners to reflect on the purpose of life and the nature of the Islamic spiritual tradition, both in its outer (exoteric) and inner (esoteric/mystical) forms. This library software package seeks to offer constructive sources of: encouragement, inspiration, critical reflection, and exploration of the Sufi spiritual tradition. I believe that, by the Grace of God, the aforementioned 'library' is capable of accomplishing the purposes (listed earlier) for which the parts were written and the whole was compiled.

    Price, Payment Method, and Return Policy

    The price of the software package is $19.95 ... $19.95 in exchange for more than 12,000 pages of easily navigatable and searchable educational/learning material. The means of payment is through PayPal. If, after purchasing a copy of the Bridge software package, you are dissatisfied with the material, PayPal has a very good dispute resolution program ... something that I, myself, have used successfully in conjunction with several purchases I made through a couple of vendors that uses PayPal as a financial transaction service. Therefore, if after purchasing a copy of the library, you are dissatisfied with things, PayPal has an established process which permits customers to reclaim their money, and, in the process, I can cancel the verification code which is sent to a customer that enables him or her to activate the library following purchase.

    Furthermore, PayPal does not require you to be a member of PayPal in order to be able to use its services. PayPal accepts payments through major credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard.

    Software Requirements

    The Bridge software program requires a PC with a Windows operating system and an Internet Explorer browser. Or, alternatively, if one has 'Parallels', 'Fusion', or 'Bootcamp' installed on a Mac, the software will also work provided that those programs use a Windows operating system and an IE browser.

    One will need a minimum of 800 MB of free space on one's computer. Depending on your internet connection, the software might take a while to download, but once the software is on your computer, it operates very quickly.

    Contents of the Bridge software package

    Aside from containing approximately 18 hours of audio that give expression to: 10 episodes of the Sufi Study Circle Podcast together with 39 selections in the Floetry in Mystical Motion portion of the library, along with five videos (three audio-visual florety selections plus two talks on (1) Lessons from Babel and (2) Revivalism, the Bridge software package also includes the following thirty-six written works:

    To save between $300 - $420.00 dollars, while investing $19.95 to help deepen your understanding of the Sufi path for either yourself and/or in conjunction with your family and friends, please purchase a copy of the Bridge software package by clicking on PayPal link below. And, as indicated previously, you do not have to be a member of 'PayPal' in order to use their transactional services, and they accept many of the major credit cards such as: 'Visa' and 'Master Card'.

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