Lessons From Babel: An Appeal to Christians, Jews, and Muslims

Interrogative Imperative Institute

Lessons From Babel: An Appeal to Christains, Jews, and Muslims

is a DVD involving a talk given by Dr. Bill Whitehouse at an interfaith symposium held at Fordham University in Manhattan, New York

Choices and Description

The DVD: Lessons From Babel: An Appeal to Christians, Jews and Muslims is slightly over thirty minutes in length. The central themes of the talk -- which was first given at an interfaith symposium at Fordham University -- revolve around the story of Babel given in the book of Genesis, and in the process, the presentation seeks to draw out the implicaitions of that story for people today, irrespective of whether those individuals are Christians, Jews, Muslims, or from some other faith or humanistic tradition. Although the focus of the talk centers on Christians, Jews and Muslims, the principles being enunciated in the presentation are applicable to people from a diverse array of belief systems.

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