Bilquees Press - The Chaco Canyon Tapes

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The Chaco Canyon Tapes is a novel that takes a journey through some important issues and ideas of the 20th century

including: Native peoples, terrorism, feminism, spirituality, alien abduction, ecology, psychology, and mythology.

Choices and Description

The book, The Chaco Canyon Tapes, is a novel which ranges across an assortment of kidnapings, murders, mysteries, intrigues, rescues, problems, and relationships. The plot development, characterization, dialog, as well as the dramatic tension and resolution of this story are employed to induce readers to undertake a quest somewhat similar to that of the main character. It is a journey of opportunity to engage, from a spiritual perspective, a set of important, interrelated issues of our times -- from: Native peoples, to: terrorism, mythology, spirituality, ecology, alien abduction, and psychology.

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