Exploring Psychological Horizons

Interrogative Imperative Institute

Exploring Psychological Horizons examines different facets of psychology -

from: emergent properties, to: Frued, Sullivan, Piaget, anxiety, development, and holographic theory

Choices and Description

'Exploring Psychological Horizons' consists of thirteen essays which venture into various facets of psychology - ranging from: Freud and Sullivan, to: Piaget, Sheldrake, and beyond. Among the topics explored are: anxiety, dissociation, abuse, charisma, theories of psychological development, the 'God gene', formative causation, memory, and holographic theories of mind. While no particular theory of psychology is espoused during the pages of this book, a variety of theoretical and empirical issues are explored and critically reflected upon in considerable detail during the course of this book. In a sense, the direction in which the essays of this book point is toward epistemological horizons where what is known (possibly) merges with what is not known ... and perhaps not even imagined.

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