Framing 9/11

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Framing 9/11 follows up on and complements an earlier investigation: The Essence of September 11th

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More than nine years after 9/11 the truth about the events of that day are not known by most people in the United States. Many of those individuals believe that they know what happened on September 11, 2001, but their understanding has been constructed for them by people in media, government, and academia who are themselves confused, ill-informed, and lacking an insightful understanding in relation to many issues that permeate 9/11. 'Framing 9/11' is not a book of conspiracy but of evidence. The book is not about the 'who' of 9/11 but about the 'what' of 9/11.

'Framing 9/11' contains a wealth of penetrating, critical analysis that attempts to reveal important truths about what happened on 9/11 at: the Twin Towers, Building 7, and the Pentagon. In this book the reader will learn why the NIST account of what transpired at Building 7 is not plausible or credible. In this book, the reader will learn shocking facts about the real story behind the destruction of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. In this book, the reader will learn why the National Transportation Safety Board's account of what happened at the Pentagon is not tenable. In addition to the foregoing analysis, 'Framing 9/11' also explores some of the ideas of: Skeptic Magazine, Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine, and comedian Bill Maher in relation to 9/11. Find out why the foregoing sources are mistaken concerning 9/11.

Finally, unlike a lot of books on 9/11, 'Framing 9/11' actually offers some concrete suggestions for how to work toward a new, public, non-governmental, transparent, legal, rigorous investigation into 9/11. Moreover, the book indicates how there is a set of direct links between the problems faced by Americans (and the world) today and what occurred on 9/11.

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