The Sufi Lighthouse: Illuminating Spiritual Abuse

Interrogative Imperative Institute

The Sufi Lighthouse explores the issue of spiritual abuse in relation to the Sufi tradition

from a variety of perspectives including: warning signs, causes, phenomenology, and recovery assistance.

Choices and Description

No religious or mystical tradition is immune from the presence of spiritual abuse, for wherever there are people who are seeking to become closer to essential truths, purpose, and meaning, there will be individuals seeking to generate counterfeit currency to offer to those who are unaware of, or incautious towards, the dangers which lie in wait along the spiritual path.

Fraudulent teachers may call themselves a guru, shaykh, rimpoche, monk, priest, imam, apostle, avatar, or minister. They may also call themselves educators, revolutionaries, political leaders, and freedom fighters. All forms of terrorism, whether these be acts of individuals or of states, presuppose the existence of spiritual abuse. Terrorism cannot occur unless someone -- a leader, master, or authority figure -- uses techniques of undue influence to induce other people to commit atrocities in the name of Divinity, justice, and truth.

Although the primary focus of The Sufi Lighthouse concerns the issue of spiritual abuse in relation to the Sufi tradition, there is a great deal of information given expression through The Sufi Lighthouse that applies to a variety of faith traditions and, in addition, has relevance to political and educational processes as well.

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