Bilquees Press - Mapping Mental Spaces: Vol. 1

Interrogative Imperative Institute

Mapping Mental Spaces: Volume 1 takes a critical look at some of the basic issues entailed by the way in which human beings seek to: generate, characterize, reflect on, question, and understand the phenomenology of experience

Choices and Description

The two volumes which give expression to Mapping Mental Spaces are a series of working exercises involving different problems which are entailed by issues of: hermeneutics, innate ideas, apodicticity or certainty, belief, meaning, model-building, psychology, mythology, mysticism, logic, fields, mathematics, quantum mechanics, and holographic theory. Perhaps, what is most important about these exercises is that they provide an individual with opportunities to engage issues, topics, and questions while critically reflecting on not only what is being said by the author but, as well, to critically reflect on what is going on within the reader as she or he works through the material.

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