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Poetical Interludes

Rhythmic (Hopefully) and Rhyming (Sometimes) Reflections

Approximately every two to three weeks, a new poetical offering will appear on this web page. The poems are set to music, and I call this combination of music and poetry: 'floetry'.

One might refer to me as having a certain resonance with Leonard Cohen, except: (1) he has more talent; (2) arguably, he possesses a better voice than I do (and, of course, I am inclined toward those arguments which might suggest that my voice is ever so slightly superior to his); (3) he is a Jewish-Buddist who can cook, while I am an aspiring Sufi who can't; (4) I am much taller than he is. Other than these differences, we are practically clones.

Another way of referring to the floetry which comes through me is as a sort of hip without the hop. Alternatively, one might refer to what takes place here as a kind of spiritual rap ... still other people might refer to the following streaming audio via more colorful terminology.

The Way Home

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