My Year Inside Radical Islam: A Critique

Interrogative Imperative Institute

My Year Inside Radical Islam: A Critique is an examination of a book by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross which recounts the events surrounding his accepting Islam,

becoming associated with a fundamentalist Muslim group and , finally, converting to Christianity.

Choices and Description

In 2007 Daveed Gartenstein-Ross wrote a memoir entitled: My Year Inside Radical Islam. The book outlines a journey starting from a liberal Jewish background, to becoming a Muslim, and, finally, converting to Christianity. A critical fulcrum which leveraged his journey toward the latter conversion involved becoming entangled with a fundamentalist group of Muslims in Ashland, Oregon when he was still a Muslim. The present critique of Mr. Gartenstein-Ross's book takes issue not with the decisions he made at various junctures along his journey, but, rather, explores the manner in which Mr. Gartenstein-Ross came to permit a Muslim group of spiritual counterfeiters to distort his understanding concerning the actual nature of Islam.

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