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This web page will feature commentaries -- in video, audio and/or written format -- concerning an array of issues which are relevant to the world in which we live. The topics will range from: political matters, to: education, constitutional issues, current events, and social concerns. New entries will appear approximately every two to three weeks ... but don't set your clock by it.

The Choices Before You!

Making constructive decisions is difficult even under the best of circusmstance. Unfortunately, most of the time we are required to make decisions under less than optimum conditions. But whether, or not, we like it, decisions must be made ... even deciding not to decide one way or another on a given issue constites a decision. Therefore, this Commentary web page is intended to provide visitors, such as yourself, with an opportunity to engage, reflect upon, and expand one's horizons concerning issues that have relevance to the quality of your life. Taking the time to explore a variety of perspectives can assist you to improve the character of your decision-making process. You don't have to agree with the points of view being expressed through this page, but the presentations that appear on this page will provide you with a chance to sharpen your skills in critical reflection.

The Right Decision for the Right Reasons?

It is not just American government officials who have committed war crimes in Iraq, but, as well, their English counterparts are guilty of those same category of crimes against humanity. The stupidity (both moral and intellectual) of Gordon Brown's smug, self-absorbed, pathological claim of hubris that going to war in Iraq was: "the right decision, and for the right reasons -- despite the mass of evidence indicating that it was 'the wrong decision, and for the wrong reasons' -- is overwhelmingly pathetic and self-serving -- but, wow, his suit and tie are so elegant.

A million Iraqis are dead. Tens of thousands more have been wounded. Millions of other Iraqis have become refugees. Thousands have been arbitrarily imprisoned and many of these individuals have been, and still are being, subjected to torture. Moreover, in the gift that keeps on giving, the presence of tons of depleted uranium that now litter the Iraqi countryside as a result of coalition munitions is continuing to generate birth defects, illnesses, and deaths among the Iraqi people.

The society has become completely destabilized with hundreds of people continuing to die every week through the internecine bloodbath which America and its allies set in motion ten years ago. Whatever the sins of Saddam Hussein were (and they were many -- most of which were done with the assistance and support of the United States), those sins pale in comparison to the magnitude of the evil which the coalition, led by America, rained down on Iraq and its people.

America and its motley crew of morally challenged thugs destroyed a country and its people knowing, from the very beginning, that the idea of such a war being: 'the right decision, and for the right reasons' was a complete lie used to manipulate a largely gullible public so that the fear being manufactured by the different governments could be leveraged into a multi-trillion dollar bonanza for the entire military industrial complex. When Eisenhower issued his warning about the military industrial complex more than fifty years ago, relatively few people knew that he wanted to add Congress' name to his warning in order to complete the unholy trinity, but, for obscure reasons, allowed himself to be talked out of including the name of Congress to his clarion call -- indicating that despite his desire to inform people about the presence of an insidious set of forces within democracy, Eisenhower, himself, was still very much a captive of that industrial-military-congressional alliance.

The arrogance and mental/moral deficiencies which are on display in Gordon Brown's callous, Machiavellian disregard concerning the lives and rights of other human beings is symptomatic of the same moral and intellectual diseases which ravaged the minds, hearts and souls of his American partners in crime. Congratulations to ten years of inhumanity, as well as the underlying moral and spiritual turpitude, that made such uncivilized behavior possible.

There are a few very disturbing images toward the end of the accompanying four minute video. Despite their graphic nature, perhaps, we need to be reminded in a rather heart-rending manner about some of the handy-work of the people who call themselves leaders, for, notwithstanding all of their polished verbal presentations (e.g., "it was the right decision, for the right reasons"), one can clearly see who the real 'evil doers' are in the whole sorry saga of the Iraq War. To borrow, with some slight changes, from the words of Winston Churchill -- who was, himself, once responsible for gassing the Iraqi people: 'Never have so few done so much to so many.'

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The Story of Stuff

One doesn't have to agree with everything which is being said in the following video to understand that Annie Leonard and her colleagues at the 'Story of Stuff Project' StoryofStuff.Org have been doing a lot of interesting thinking and work with respect to developing solutions which are really in everybody's best interests as far as helping them to establish, secure, and enhance their opportunity to be able to fully realize their inherent right to sovereignty. If you like the following video, then, I would urge you to make contact with, and/or donate to: 'The Story of Stuff Project'. One can find a variety of other videos on social issues at the Story of Stuff website, plus many helpful resources.

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